Olfactory Branding

We develop your Brand memory. We create the perfect odotype.

We have a unique method for the development of Olfactory Branding. We carry out a previous briefing where our client transmits to us what their objectives, the image and the brand values they want to transmit are. Subsequently our technical team together with our perfumers develop the strategy and actions to follow to achieve these goals. Our aromas are developed one by one by our perfumers in our Bar à Parfum, giving special importance to each olfactory note.
A sensory strategy where aroma, sound, lights and shadows merge to generate a unique and pleasant environment.

Discover the magic

Capturing the personality of our clients in each of our jobs is vital to convey the values of the brand, influencing the actions of employees and consumers. This is that we call:


One aroma, a thousand dreams

Professional odotype

The smell that transmits the ideals of your company


Apply your fragrance in gels, creams, serum, etc.

Products with soul

Imagine all the products of your E-Commerce scented

Build customer loyalty

Encourage the sensations of your brand and increase sales

Magic does not end

Candles, mikados, scents… Everything to grow your brand

Our way of guiding our clients