Professional Air Freshening

Products for Professionals

From Ambinature we want to offer you the possibility of being art of our team. We are a national and international benchmark in our sector, with more than 250 distributors and presence in 20 countries. Our products reach thousands of end customers, being our experience as manufacturers and our exponential growth in recent years our best guarantee.
Whether you already have a portfolio of clients or if you want to start developing your own business, we put at your disposal the widest catalogue of the market with more than 2000 references, where you can find multiple solutions to give your customers a global solution to their needs.

Professional Electric Fragrance System

Our Professional Electric Diffuser of our own manufacture, places us as a world reference in professional air freshening. After years of I + D improving previous versions, we have managed to take the aromatisation of spaces to a new level.
Each of our fragrances and essential oils have been tested and designed to provide optimal coverage with natural ingredients, mostly with Ecolabel label.

  • Evaporation of essential oils by heat, without emission of particles
  • Homogeneous and constant coverage of up to 150 m2
  • Duración de las recargas de hasta 30 días en funcionamiento continuo
  • More than 30 references from all olfactory families

It is developed for the air freshening of all types of spaces. Without installation and environmentally friendly.

Effective and Discreet

Of own manufacture, this small device has the capacity to set up to 150 m2 for 30 days, neutralising bad smells and leaving a pleasant aroma throughout the room. Due to its low consumption and its great coverage, we are undoubtedly facing the most profitable and effective system on the market.

Easy and fast installation. Choose the aroma and plug in.


Cold micronebulisation allows a new experience in air freshening, where more sophisticated and round fragrances manage to create an atmosphere that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Our new equipment, programmable by Bluetooth/WiFi technology, can be perfectly integrated into the room becoming another element of the decoration.

Premium Nebulisation

Without aerosols or alcohols, the nebulisation of essential oils has become one of the most demanded air freshening systems by our customers, thanks to its versatility and coverage capacity. With the option of connecting our equipment to the air conditioning ducts, we can cover more than 1500 m2 with a single equipment. The quality of our aromas is masterfully appreciated in this combination of technology, design and functionality.
We have different fully programmable equipment capable of satisfying the needs of each client.

  • Diffusion of essential oil nanoparticles , without aerosols or alcohols.
  • Fully programable by wifi, bluetooth or manually by periods of days of the week, hours and intensities.
  • Possibility of connection to air conditioning ducts
  • Coverage from 20 m2 to 1500 m2 per equipment

With more than 80 references, we can say that we have the widest menu of essences in the market. Citrus, floral, green, gourmand, fougére, etc, so that finding the perfect aroma is only a matter of time.

Automatic and manual Hydroalcoholic Air Freshener

Simply from essence, alcohol and water we create an easy, safe product with a long duration.
Its applications are endless thanks to our formats with manual dispenser or our automatic equipment with programmed diffusion.

  • Composition of essence, alcohol and water, with the possibility of use in automatic equipment or in one-liter format with a spray gun.
  • In automatic format, programable by minutes and with a coverage of 30 m2
  • In manual format possibility of 275, 500 or 1000 mililitres- check availability and conditions.
  • Wide range of aromas, more than 100 available

Always choosing raw materials of the highest quality, we obtain a pleasant and non-invasive aroma.

Great durability

The formulation of our aromas has been developed to achieve a great duration thanks to the base and heart notes of our essences.

In addition, they contain natural ingredients and some of them have an Ecolabel label responsible for the environment.

Professional use

The high concentration of pure essence makes them optimal for spaces with large traffic of people.
Programmable or manual use are the perfect ally to cover any stay in an effective, economical and environmentally responsible way.

Aerosol and Turbo Air Freshener

Our aerosols contain a concentration of essence well above similar products on the market, which makes it possible to use less product to achieve greater coverage and that the fragrance lasts longer over time. They are available in cartridges of 100 and 250 ml for our programmable dispensers and 750 ml in our Turbo format of manual application.
More than 50 references in our aroma menu and possibility of manufacturing on request any personalised aroma.

  • High concentration of essence, both in traditional aerosols and in Turb format
  • Coverage between 30 m2 and 50 m2 The Turbo format has a fixation of more than 25 hours in closed rooms.
  • Great versatility
  • Programmable by days, hours and intensity for formats of 1000 and 250 ml with automatic dispensing equipment

A simple and effective system that always has to be available to professionals.


The bacteriostatic system is used in toilets and urinals, connected to the ducts and/or water tanks in a watertight and safe way. Its high sanitising power cleans the pipes, prevents the proliferation of germs and bacteria and at the same time leaves a pleasant aroma in the environment.

  • Anti-vandal ABS plastic structure
  • Programmable
  • Availability of various aromas
  • 610 ML cartridges, which are dosed automatically

It sanitises, descales dirt and lime residues, and eliminates odour getting a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.

Hygiene and aroma

Effective sanitiser and odour eliminator for bathrooms with large influx It protects the ducts avoiding breakdowns.

Environmentally friendly.