Olfactory Marketing

The power of essences

Brand memory

We are a leading company in Spain and Europe in Olfactory Marketing. Our goal is to provide our customers with a corporate aroma capable of transmitting the values of its brand, to improve the labour response of its employees and to seduce and retain its customers through the most developed sense we have: smell.

Discover how to create your odotype and your olfactory branding

Professional Air Freshening

Our experience as manufacturers has allowed us to have a wide range of professional air freshening and hygiene systems, capable of covering any need of our customers. We also have an extensive catalogue of Signature Aromas developed by our team of perfumers from natural essentials oils.
We complement our catalogue with the AMBINATURE PROTECT line of products, where we provide our customers with solutions -of own manufacture- in the field of hygiene, disinfection of all types of surfaces, bactericide registered, etc.

Home Fragrances

Transferring to our home those intimate or exotic environments that we miss and long for has led us to develop a Premium range of aromas for the home. Imagine evoking a calm blue sea or perhaps the warm feeling of a wooden shelter with a fire lit in winter. Discover all the sensations through our HomeSprays, candles and mikados.